Albedo – Highly Customizable Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Albedo là một theme đa mục đích phù hợp với mọi yêu cầu để xây dựng website doanh nghiệp, nhiếp ảnh, bán hàng hoặc thậm chí về bất động sản. Theme đi kèm rất nhiều tính năng và tương thích với mọi page builder phổ biến hiện nay.

Thông tin bổ sung

  • 1.0.33
  • 06/05/2019
Truy cập hơn 3000 sản phẩm
  • Tải xuống toàn bộ THEME và PLUGIN.
  • Không giới hạn số lượng website sử dụng.
  • Cập nhật thường xuyên.
  • Tiết kiệm tới 93%.
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  • Mua 2 sản phẩm khác nhau giảm 10%
  • Mua 3 sản phẩm khác nhau giảm 15%
  • Mua 4 sản phẩm khác nhau giảm 20%
  • Mua 5 sản phẩm khác nhau trở lên giảm 30%
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Albedo – Highly Customizable Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Albedo là một theme WordPress tùy biến rất cao và đáp ứng cho bất kỳ dự án, doanh nghiệp, công ty hoặc website nào. Theme phù hợp với mọi mục đích, đa năng hoàn hảo cho người mới bắt đầu, có nhiều tính năng phong phú.

All Photos Included

You can forget about placeholders right now! Albedo is the first theme on the market that includes quality photos for free. All photos and other images that you see in our demos are absolutely free, come with demo data, and can be used for commercial purposes.

Experience for yourself the convenience of editing a demo website with real pictures!

Intuitive Interface

When it comes to crafting a site that is as unique as you are, Albedo does all the hard work for you. You can customize absolutely every element of the theme using the powerful admin options panel.

Albedo is developed for WordPress Live Customizer and Visual Composer front-end builder, so you can make changes to your site in real-time – what you see is what you get! See for yourself how easy it is to customize this multi-purpose theme to perfectly suit your needs:

Of course, if you just can’t get enough of admin panels, Albedo also supports standard Theme Options, Visual Composer back-end editor, and even Unyson back-end page builder! Remember: your site – your choice.

Multi-Purpose & Flexible

Whether you want to run a successful online business, showcase a portfolio, or tell the world about what you do, Albedo is the theme for you. Whatever your industry, your needs and your vision, this truly multi-purpose WordPress theme makes it easy to create one-page, multi-page or full-screen websites of all kinds.

100+ Content Elements

With Albedo, you’ve got lots to work with! All of the theme elements from our demo pages can be combined and modified, and each one gives you plenty of options for creating something really unique.

Even with so many customizable elements, you don’t need to worry about speed and performance – we’ve thought of that too! Any elements that you’re not using can be disabled in the theme options with a single click.

Fancy Headers and Footers

No other theme gives you so many settings to play with: configurable canvas effects, video backgrounds, various parallaxes, overlays, side menus and menu layouts make your website unique and contemporary.

Check out our demos and ignite your imagination!

Effects And Animations

Make your site dynamic, engaging and unforgettable by incorporating beautiful canvas effects and CSS animations – and you don’t have to touch a single line of code! Albedo gives you full access to all kinds of modern effects to enhance any area of your website.

Take a look at our demos to see a whole load of awesome examples!

High Performance

Such a jam-packed, multi-purpose theme must be pretty slow, right? Think again! Albedo includes various advanced optimization tools and options, and supports all popular cache plugins, CDNs, and PHP7. We have also prepared step-by-step instructions on how to get your site running at lightning speed once you finish your modifications!

Still have doubts? Our demo can prove it!

Fully Responsive

Created for all screen types and tested on real devices, Albedo guarantees that your users will enjoy an optimum performance on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The elegantly responsive design makes visiting your website an effortless pleasure for your customers.

SEO Friendly

With Albedo, search engines will love your site. Our pages are optimized to give you the best shot at appearing on the first page of search results, in combination with fast loading. Make the most of built-in or third party SEO tools and make it easy for your customers to find you.

Plugin Compatibility

It almost sounds too good to be true, but Albedo has been officially tested and supports 21 popular plugins (and counting!) for any purpose:

● Visual Composer ● WooCommerce ● Slider Revolution ● WPML ● WeDocs ● Unyson & Unyson Extensions ● Polylang ● Advanced Custom Fields ● YOAST SEO ● W3 Total Cache ● WP Super Cache ● WP Fastest Cache ● WP Rocket ● MailChimp ● Master Slider ● All in one WP migration ● Disqus

WooCommerce / Online Store

Get ready to go global! Albedo supports the most popular online store plugin, WooCommerce, so you can get your professional store up and running and start selling your products worldwide. WooCommerce is completely free and has 3,000,000+ active installations.

WPML, RTL & Multi-Language

Albedo multi-purpose WordPress theme has been designed for any language, and even for multi-language websites. It is 100% compatible with popular plugins like WPML (premium) or Polylang (free), with full support for RTL languages, so there really are no limits!

One-Click Demo Installation

Now that you’ve seen what Albedo can do, you can choose your favorite demo and install it on your server in just one click. It couldn’t be easier! All of the images and photos are included, so your template will look exactly as it does in the demo, and you can get started right away. Simply fill the site with your original content and customize it to suit you.

All of the demos are available in two versions – for Visual Composer and for Unyson page builder – to suit your style of working. Trust your habits: with Albedo, anything is possible!

Regular Updates

Albedo multi-purpose WordPress theme is unstoppable! You can be sure that it will work perfectly with the latest versions of WordPress and compatible plugins, and regular updates bring you awesome new features, design concepts and tweaks based on your reports and feedback. All theme updates can be installed in just one click from your admin panel, without any advanced knowledge.

We are constantly working on improvements and our goal is to be leaders in our field.

Try it now and get a lifetime license for a great start price!

CODEX Standards

Tired of studying incomprehensible code logic? Join the club! Albedo has been developed using the best practices of the Unyson framework and WordPress Codex standards, so you’ve got detailed documentation for developers, full support, and over 50,000 new friends who also use Unyson for their websites!

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