Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress

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Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress

Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress 2.2.2

News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress! Welcome to the future of your posts! Newscodes will dramatically revolutionize how you use and display your posts and improve the way your visitors interact with your content on news, magazine websites and blogs or just about any project you are working on that uses posts to generate and present content.

  • Shortcode Generator!
  • Demos Included!
  • 20+ awesome Newscodes post layouts
  • Unlimited Newscodes Styles
  • Newscdes Tabbed Elements
  • Automatic Updates
  • Newscodes Style Manager and Editor with Preview possibility from the Admin page
  • Support for all Post Types
  • Post Filters
  • Post Taxonomy Filters
  • Post Meta Filters
  • Changeable Filter Relation
  • Ajax Load
  • Image Ratio Options
  • Featured Posts
  • Post Grids
  • Post Lists
  • Marquee
  • Tickers
  • and many, many more!

Design News and Magazine Layouts in Seconds!

Create stunning layouts on your pages without having to use any coding, thanks to the super user-friendly options and settings that will let you transform your pages with amazing post layouts and styles in no time. Newscodes provide unlimited post layout and style possibilities and options for your awesome current and future projects. Many great included layouts are available, like: Featured Poster, Grid, Lists, Column Lists, Marquees, Tickers and more! Dozens of slick and modern Styles are also included! Use the included styles, edit them to your liking or create your own, completely new and unique Newscodes styles for your website. Unlimited design possibilities are at your disposal with extensive font and color options and advanced text formatting for all post layouts and styles. Every Newscodes element is fully customizable. Instantly preview all your changes directly from your page, saving time and your invaluable creative flow. Newscodes have been made with you in mind.

20+ News, Magazine Elements, Shortcodes!

Post lists, post grids, columned posts, columned featured posts, featured post lists, marquees, tickers and more! All seen elements on the news, magazine or blog sites packed in one powerful package – Newscodes! All codes can be inserted into Newscodes Multi – Tabbed element to create stunning tabbed post lists!

Custom Styles Manager with LESS CSS +50 Predefined Styles!

AJAX powered live preview Style Manager! Customize your own styles and Newscodes will compile them for you and include as a CSS for best performance and quality! 500+ Google Fonts, Included Fonts and System Fonts with unlimited color variations and text formatting options! Live from the Newscodes Style Manager! +50 predefined styles to get you started!

Easy Element Code Customization

Element templates can easily be replaced in your theme/child theme directory, by creating new templates in the /newscodes/ directory! This means that, if you want to add any text anywhere, or icon, or rearrange elements, you can do it with ease! WooCommerce has a similar system! We’ve tried to do the same!

Improve your News, Magazine and Blog Websites! With these News Shortcodes!

Get these News Shortcodes package to improve your site! Unlimited Magazine elements and shortcodes that fil every template. WordPress plugin that revolutionizes how you will show your posts and custom post types! With over 20+ elements to choose from. Including tabbed layouts and tabbed shortcode. If you search for these, you’re at the right place!

  • News Shortcodes
  • Magazine Shortcodes
  • LESS CSS, Cached styles, Ultra Fast!
  • Post Lists Elements, News Ticker, Magazine Poster, News Marquee
  • Customizable, Style Manager
  • WordPress Plugin for News, Magazine, Blog Websites
  • Custom Taxonomies Support
  • Excerpt More Customization
  • Post Filter, Show Posts By Taxonomy, Show Posts By Meta Key
  • AJAX Post Load
  • Load More Pagination, Infinite Scroll
  • Featured Posts
  • Post Grids, Up to 6 Columns
  • Tabbed Post Categories, Tabbed Post Galleries
  • The Best WordPress Plugin for News Website!
  • Supports WordPress Registered Image Sizes
  • Supports Various Image Ratios
  • News, Magazine, Blog Columned Shortcodes and Posts
  • Post Template Overrides in Theme/Child Theme Directory



Cornerstone and Visual Composer Support

The Newscodes plugin comes fully compatible with any theme you might be using and it also fully supports page builder plugins like Visual Composer and the Cornerstone extension for the X Theme.

Get The Newscodes Plugin!

The power and simplicity of Newscodes make it an invaluable tool for every WordPress website and it works with all themes! Newscodes put you in charge over your posts with each option being specifically created and designed for easy use and incredible flexibility. Start the Post revolution today!

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